YARD NEWS - "Yoga for EVERY body!"

Classes have started!

But you can still register!

 We would like to congratulate our winner of the Free Session and thank all those who continue to support YARD!

Remember, if you are unable to start at the beginning, many of our classes are open to doing make-ups within the 8 week session. 


YARD has always been very inclusive of all teachings of yoga, and we’re pleased to continue offering diverse classes. Check the schedule below for full information on the classes that are available this season, and know that you’re always welcome at YARD.


We also offer special events and workshops at our studio, featuring international instructors , as well as many national and well-known local teachers. Stay tuned for the next exciting workshop coming to YARD!

Teacher Training

These monthly workshops provide opportunities to explore the deeper facets of yoga. If you are a member of a Yoga Association of Alberta (YAA)  teacher training program, a student teacher in any yoga program, an already-certified teacher or a serious student with a well-developed practice, these workshops are for you.

Yoga for everybody and everybody. It’s comfortable and challenging; it’s nurturing and welcoming; it feels like coming home. That’s the YARD difference.

At the Yoga Alliance of Red Deer (YARD), you’ll find an inviting space to start your yoga journey or to continue along the rewarding path of yoga that you’ve already begun. Our non-profit studio is possible thanks to the hard work and dedication of our instructors and volunteers, and we’ve been providing a wide variety of classes to the community since 2002. Throughout our history, we’ve taken great care to develop classes in an array of yoga styles, allowing students to progress in their yoga journeys physically and spiritually in a comfortable, welcoming studio. Our experienced yoga teachers are passionate and caring local individuals who are dedicated to helping their students benefit their health and well-being through yoga.

Welcome to YARD – join us to experience the YARD difference!

One of the things I’ll miss most in Red Deer is my yoga practice through the YARD. It was through the YARD outreach program at Collecutt that I first tried yoga with Suzanne and Kyla, and it was those two yogis that convinced a few of us to join the YARD (and that we wouldn’t feel intimidated by other experienced yogis practicing there).  Despite taking my first few months of practice with Randy in series two Ashtanga, I managed to survive and continue for another eight years at the YARD, with wonderful students and the best technical and caring instructors I’ve ever encountered.....   Thanks everyone for getting this yogi started in this path as I’m now a yogi for life wherever I go, and the YARD will always be first in my heart and mind.
Roger Clarke