2018 Yoga Nidra Dates and Times

No workshops are scheduled at this time. If you would like to experience the peacefulness of Yoga Nidra, please send us comments and we will forward them to the instructors who can bring it to you.

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is like savasana (long deep relaxation)…only even longer and better! Nidra is a specific non-posture yogic technique of deep mindfulness and “meditation” for self-awareness and self-renewal...like taking yourself in for a tune-up! You will be laying down comfortably through the entire class – and maybe catching up on some much-needed physical and/or mental rest. As you do so, your instructor will guide you on a journey through your own body and into your deep self. To make it even better, the journey will be personalized by you. You will be gently encouraged to create a Sankalpa, your very own affirmation or intent. This powerful technique can have a positive and profound transformative impact on your everyday life.

Research on Yoga Nidra shows that it has some pretty amazing side-effects (see http://www.irest.us/ for details). It can be helpful for people dealing with everyday stress, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, chemical dependency, a frazzled nervous system, interrupted sleep or insomnia and even PTSD. What a great way to consciously choose to work “on the mat” in order to help yourself “off the mat.”

Please note: Props are available but, if you want, you can bring your own pillows, blankets and eye-coverings. Bring an extra $10 if you would like to purchase your own hand-made eye pillow.