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YARD workshops and events are a great way to help keep you connected to everything yoga. YARD has had the privilege of hosting many excellent teachers over the years and continues to bring highly trained and skilled practitioners to share their teachings. Throughout the year, you're invited to expand your yoga knowledge in various ways.

Amenities: Our workshops are held in our comfortable studio space with access to plenty of props, and change rooms. We usually have a supply of mats, blocks, straps, and other yoga essentials for sale.

Recent Workshop Reviews

Wade Morissette’s workshop: “Summon Your Power”, at Y.A.R.D.

I had no idea of the life changing events that would unfold as a result. Not only was the yoga great, but Wade’s therapeutic approach invoked an awareness of self-acceptance, love and healing. Immediately following the workshop, family relationships have begun to heal, and continue to move towards a better place. I want to sincerely thank Wade and Y.A.R.D. for their support, love and community. I have truly found my “Inner Bliss.”
Sandra De Clerck

Wade’s instruction is such a gift.

I marvel at how he seamlessly delivers a combination of asanas, meditation, inner reflection and music. Each segment is woven into the next while keeping everyone’s best interests at the top of his mind; no matter where their staring point is. What a treat to lay in savasana while Wade plays and sings his soothing compositions. The group of people who participated were wonderful, open and engaged. There was definitely a two way exchange of energy, knowledge, wisdom and support. Exceptional people! I could have stayed a week just to get to know them better and be in that loving presence. The studio is a warm and inviting space to practice in. I simply couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks to Wade and to The Yoga Alliance of Red Deer.
Adele Engel

Lots of Variety

Since YARD first opened, there have been numerous gifted teachers sharing their time with YARD members. Some have been from our own backyard. Some have come from long distances. There have been instructors in many different styles. People like Doug Swenson, Troy Lucero and Rameen Peyroux with Ashtanga or power training, Guru Prem Singh and Yogi Amandeep of the Kundalini tradition, Namadeva Acharya, Satyabhama, and Bill Barry (Bharata) teaching mantra are just some of the amazing instructors who have graced the studio. Closer to home, David Wilson, Marcia Langenberg, Oda Lindner, Rosemary Nogue, Susi Hately, Kathy Nash, are amongst the ever growing list of teachers who often come to YARD to play. I am so happy to have opportunities to broaden my understanding of yoga right here in Red Deer. As a teacher, I often have to travel far and wide to upgrade my skills for certification. I'm always grateful to have so many treasures so close at hand. 
Paula Carnegie Fehr

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