Your YARD Yoga workshop lineup is like diving in to a great pile of autumn leaves… fun and extremely satisfying. Full details will be here soon, but for a quick glimpse, save these dates:

Oct 26, Dec 14 ADVANCED SKILLS & TEACHER TRAINING with Ann Waschuk & Paula Carnegie Fehr 9 am - 4 pm $80/$100 2 weeks prior

Oct 27, Dec 15 SANSKRIT MANTRA with Ann Waschuk 1 - 4 pm $30/$40 at door

Nov 2 YOGA FOR MENOPAUSE & HORMONE IMBALANCE with Helen Morgan 2 - 5 pm $50

We would like to thank all those who have supported our workshop leaders and who have enjoyed the benefits of diving deeper into their yoga experiences. You are truly wonderful students and even better teachers for those of us who share our love of yoga with you!

Advanced Yoga Practice Fall 2019
80.00 100.00
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Sanskrit Mantra Fall 2019 3 dates
30.00 40.00
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Sanskrit Mantra is BACK!

Our wonderful Rev. Annapurna (Ann Waschuk) is bringing back her Sanskrit Mantra workshops from the Lineage of Namadeva Acharya and Sadguru Sant Keshavadas. Her teachers believed it was important for previously hidden ancient teachings to be given back to the people to help navigate these challenging times. Ann shares the stories, knowledge, and practice of Sanskrit Mantra as given to her by Namadeva and from her many years of practice.

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"Lots of Variety"

"Since YARD first opened, there have been numerous gifted teachers sharing their time with YARD members. Some have been from our own backyard. Some have come from long distances. There have been instructors in many different styles. People like Doug Swenson, Troy Lucero and Rameen Peyroux with Ashtanga or power training, Guru Prem Singh and Yogi Amandeep of the Kundalini tradition, Namadeva Acharya, Satyabhama, and Bill Barry (Bharata) teaching mantra are just some of the amazing instructors who have graced the studio. Closer to home, David Wilson, Marcia Langenberg, Oda Lindner, Rosemary Nogue, Susi Hately, Kathy Nash, are amongst the ever growing list of teachers who often come to YARD to play. I am so happy to have opportunities to broaden my understanding of yoga right here in Red Deer. As a teacher, I often have to travel far and wide to upgrade my skills for certification. I'm always grateful to have so many treasures so close at hand."
~ Paula Carnegie Fehr

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