Grow on ALL levels

Whether you’re looking for a physically-focused class or one that is more spiritually oriented, YARD has something for you. Since our humble beginning, we’ve offered a wide range of classes. Currently we have moving (light to vigorous) Flow classes, medium-paced Hatha-based classes, broad-range Exploratory yoga, deep stretch Yin, unusual & interesting Kundalini, gentle Restorative & Therapeutic classes and some for special interests (e.g. Yoga for Backs, Yoga Nidra [long deep relaxation], Nightie Nite Yoga, etc.). 

YARD has always been inclusive of all teachings of yoga, and we’re pleased to continue offering diverse classes. Check the schedule below for full information on the classes that are available this season, and know that you’re always welcome at YARD.



- Comfortable space for 35 students

- Change rooms and washrooms

- Props including blocks, bolsters,straps, blankets, bricks & kneeling pads.

- Loaner mats if you haven't got your own!

- Basic yoga props are available for purchase or can be ordered for you.