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Yoga Alliance of Red Deer

Did you know that YARD is the oldest studio in Red Deer? Or that it’s a non-profit organization? The studio first began as More Yoga, which opened in 2000. When it was about to close two years later, the instructors and students decided that they couldn’t let that happen, so they rallied and formed the Yoga Alliance of Red Deer.

That dedication, which the students and instructors showed back in 2002, is the heart and soul of YARD. While our studio has changed and evolved over the years, that heart is still there, and we invite new and continuing students to experience it for themselves.


Bringing the expertise of the Masters to your YARD YOGA!

YARD teachers taking professional development at the SOYA workshops in 2018, upgrading our hours and adding to our experience!

What to expect:

  • A non-intimidating, warm atmosphere

  • YARD studio Committed, friendly and knowledgeable instructors

  • A wide variety of classes, from beginner to advanced, as well as yoga for all shapes, sizes and spiritual levels

  • A range of yoga styles, from tough workouts to gentle stretching classes

We also offer:

  • Community and specialty classes

  • Yoga Teacher Training

  • Workshops