Taught by:
Ann Waschuk (Annapurna), YAA 800+ Senior Instructor and
Paula Carnegie Fehr, YAA 800+ Senior Instructor

These monthly workshops provide opportunities to explore the deeper facets of yoga. If you are a member of a Yoga Association of Alberta (YAA) teacher training program, a student teacher in any yoga program, an already-certified teacher or a serious student with a well-developed practice, these workshops are for you.

The workshop curriculum is based on the YAA’s two-year hatha yoga teacher training program. Over the past six years, Paula and Ann have extended and re-arranged the teachings to include more detail in the philosophy and broader topics beyond hatha yoga. All requirements for YAA’s program are covered within the two years, and follow the same orderings as those classes taught in Edmonton. We are not a certification body, but rather a training ground.  If you are interested in certification, please go to www.yoga.ca for information on its program or contact either Ann or Paula at info@reddeeryoga.ca

Each month, over a six-hour period, we will provide in-depth exploration into a particular set of asanas. We will also delve deep into one of the traditional pranayama techniques, we will experience one of many modalities of moving into meditation and we will investigate the foundational philosophies of both hatha yoga and yoga in its greater forms. There will also be classes that focus more specifically on understanding yoga anatomy, as well as ways to work with special needs situations.  We provide a format for students in teacher training programs to work with their apprenticeship requirements.

Although each workshop is part of the full curriculum, it may also be attended as a stand-alone session. The workshops are numbered, but they’re not necessarily sequential, so please contact us at info@reddeeryoga.ca to confirm the topic before attending a session.

The final requirements of the workshops are to come equipped with your sense of joyfulness and levity – we do have fun!