Taught by:

Ann Waschuk (Rev. Annapurna, SDS) YAA 800+ Senior Instructor

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“Mantra is a mental tool that can release us from our conditioned mental habits and from the bondage of any predetermined life circumstance.” – Namadeva Acharya (Thomas Ashley-Farrand)


The word “mantra” derives from the Sanskrit word manas or “mind” and trai meaning to “to protect” or “set free from.” The literal meaning of mantra, then is "to set free from the mind".

For many, many years the tradition of Sanskrit Mantra was held secret, as was much of the sacred knowledge of civilizations long since past.  But now, as things are evolving rapidly in our world, much of that old knowledge is returning to the people – when we need it most. Technology has evolved to wonderful heights; it is time now for humanity to “catch up,” to start tapping into the untapped parts of ourselves – the power of our mind and spirit. Mantra is a very real and pragmatic way to do so.

The Sanskrit language is one of the oldest on the planet.
It differs from other languages in that the sounds of the alphabet were found by the sages actually within the chakra system. So, rather than a meaning-based language, Sanskrit is an energy-based one. When we use Sanskrit Mantra, we are directly and immediately affecting our energy systems.

There are thousands of mantras for everything! There are mantras to balance specific emotions that run through us or to clear out negatively, others to purify and still others to enlighten us. There are even mantras to increase your prosperity, heal a condition, transform circumstance and bring peace – the list almost endless.

At YARD, we offer Sanskrit Mantra workshops, led by Ann Waschuk (Rev. Annapurna)  who has been practicing Sanskrit mantra since she was 13 years old. Simply put, she has found the practice to be life altering, and she invites students to join her in this transformational practice.


Upcoming Dates:  

                                      Jan 14, 2018 Bright, Beautiful, & Bountiful

These workshops run selected Sundays from 1:30 - 4:30 pm.