A Social Experiment to Reduce Crime, Create Community, and Invoke Peace

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Did you miss this event? Follow along here and practice on your own…..

This event was for the community to come together to chant and meditate for the transformation of crime in our city (inspired by the success of the meditation practice of the TM Siddhi’s in Washington DC in 1993 where crime was reduced by 23% - see worldpeacegroup.org for more details).

Please note that chanting is optional….. you can meditate silently, pray or just listen.  Specific mantras will be provided as well as a guided visualization.  Ann Waschuk lead this event.

For your quick reference, here are the mantras for the 40 day practice: PDF and Audio (4 min)

*Please note that it will probably only take 30 minutes to do this practice on your own. We hope you can use the materials to guide your home meditations. Also, if you would like to share this experience with your friends, colleagues, and in other yoga centers, please feel free to join in from wherever you are.

Each day of the 40 day practice, enter your participation in the form below. We will collect the numbers and see how our group effort affects our city.

If you want to be part of the research project, fill in the form below and then you can use the code we will send you on the daily survey form. It may take a few hours to get your code to you. Please note that if you have any questions you will need to provide your email address.